Electric Guitar

Understand tone and the nuance of the electric guitar.

Guildford Guitar Lessons will help you unlock some of the myths and mysteries about getting that killer tone, whether it be bone crunching metal, angelic delays or raw blues grit, it all comes down to fingers and having a little knowledge of amp, electric guitar and maybe some stomp pedals.

The electric guitar was developed to ensure the guitar soloist could be heard originaly over big band ensembles to compete with the large brass sections where the acoustic guitar was getting lost and has developed over the years to become one of the coolest and most recognizable signature sounds in the hands of certain iconic players.

Charlie Christian was the original big band electric guitar player who inspired the raw blues/rock power of Jimi Hendrix, the enigmatic David Gilmour and the stadium filling Edge from U2.

Whatever guitarist or band inspires you, we will look at their sound, their rigs and help you develop your own signature sound.

First of all though if this is the beginning of your journey we will be working those fingers around the fretboard and looking at the chords and scales that make up these songs and prepare you for emulating the best.

At Guildford Guitar Lessons we’ll look at advanced guitar techniques such as Alternate picking, Palm Muting, Sweep Picking and Legato by studying classic guitar solos of past and present.