Acoustic Guitar

Easy fun simple approach to acoustic guitar lessons in Guildford.

Whether you are starting your musical journey on an old beat up classical guitar like I did or have a new steel strung acoustic waiting to sing, at Guildford Guitar School I can help you enjoy the magic of playing music. It inspires me and motivates me as a tutor to see students achieve their goals in a relative short space of time.

Most people including myself find the first steps to playing guitar quite awkward, after all we are not born with them attached to us!! With close direction and then some perseverance guitar playing can actually start to feel very natural, it’s all about muscle memory and repartition.

We live in a very rhythmic world, we just need to take time, stop and listen…

Our hearts which are beating constantly everyday can be thought of as our very first inner metronome. Most of us find ourselves tapping our feet when listening to music everyday, whether on our commutes, on our way to school, college or university. It’s all around us and if you’ve found Guildford Guitar Lessons you are probably wanting to get more plugged in!

At Guildford Guitar Lessons we will look at standard tuning, open tunings such as DADGAD, EBEG#BE and DGDGBD as well as many more. We will look at simple and complex rhythms as well as intricate folk, blues, country and classical finger styles. Every lesson is tailored to the individual student, capturing the hard parts via video to be downloaded and studied at the students convenience and comfort.